. Story.

Published on November 7, 2017

Once upon a time a little girl lived with her mother in a small, cozy little house in the middle of a forest.
Her name was Eva.

In this forest, the trees bore fruit, from which the two could snack to their heart’s content. Red, blue, yellow fruits, the food selection was great. The only thing missing was extraordinary clothes. – But then, as we write the year 2011, the two discovered, in the middle of the trees with the delicious fruits, a tree that was different than all the others. There were no edible fruits on it. Where otherwise the delicious berries hung, the tree wore the most beautiful clothes that Madame and little Eva ever saw.

Surely you think that tree is in the East, right?
Well, then I can tell you good news. The tree with the most beautiful fruits, which Madame and Eva have ever seen, is in the Friesenstra├če 10, in 10965 Berlin and is always equipped by Belgin with new individual pieces and dresses. Come visit the tree.

My business is not just about buying. I have created a paradise in which woman feels comfortable. Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and let the soul dangle while browsing the fruit.

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