. The Fashion Designer.

Published on November 7, 2017



Even as a child and adolescent, I was interested in fabrics, colours and shapes and had great fun in making my environment more beautiful in a creative way. So after graduation I did not find it difficult to choose the desired degree and started a fashion design course at the Berlin Lette-Verein.

During my studies, I learned to design the most beautiful clothes and put my ideas into action.
In order to gain more impressions and experiences, I used the opportunity to go to Italy to broaden my knowledge at the company „Brooksfield“ and put it into practical work.

After I had successfully completed my studies, I worked in the fashion industry at some Berlin Brands and at Sat.1, as well as in textile retail to gain further practical experience, especially in the field of business administration. Continuing I started some time later at a Dusseldorf fashion school a training in editing technology as  cut technician (Schnittdirectrice).

After the time of learning, there was a creative break in which I gave birth to two wonderful children and slowly developed the concept of „Madame und Eva“. The idea of ​​own store matured and after successful search of suitable partner labels as well as the creation of some individual pieces I opened in October 2011 finally my little world of temptation „Madame und Eva“. My tree of seduction carries playful, romantic and feminine pieces, as well Individual and unique elements. This way, the female can express her personality through unique clothing.

I am very glad when you come to visit me in my paradise and let you be seduced by the fruits of the tree.

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